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DePaul University Case Study

UX Research & SEO 

As part of the UX and SEO teams at Mightybytes, I helped DePaul University learn more about how prospective students were finding their websites, how users were engaging with content, and how DePaul could improve conversion rates.

User Research

DePaul University was implementing an online ad campaign that targeted people interested in getting a graduate degree. We were asked to optimize the landing page to increase form submissions. We decided that user interviews were the best way forward, and I was responsible for designing an interview protocol that covered the ads, landing page variants, form fields, and thank you pages. The team and I carried out the interviews in-person, and provided a detailed report along with a recommended page design based on user feedback.

DePaul landing page examples

SEO Consulting

Every month I provide DePaul with SEO consulting services. My activities include monthly traffic reports, on-page optimization recommendations, keyword research, and responding to any SEO-related questions. This guidance allows DePaul’s internal web team to optimize their sites as effectively as possible while also adhering to brand guidelines and broader marketing goals.

I’ve also helped facilitate training sessions on how social media and SEO can work together to increase DePaul’s visibility online.

Content & UX Audit

DePaul wanted to improve the user experience on its college sites while also improving the sites’ conversion rates. Using the business school’s website as a test case, the team and I undertook an in-depth audit of the site that examined content, SEO, UI/UX, and development best practices. These results allowed us to determine what was working well and what opportunities there were for improvement. I then worked with my colleagues to develop a user research session that included card sorting, interviews, and behavior observation. Armed with the results from our audit and the user research, we were able to provide DePaul with numerous content and design recommendations (fully annotated) to improve engagement and conversions on their sites.

By the end of the project, the team and I provided DePaul University with over 70 recommendations on how they could improve their college websites. We continue to advise DePaul on how they can increase traffic and conversions on their websites.